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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The New Smackdown 2007

This is my storyline for how the New Smackdown should feel next year

Batista is a great champion, but u need a good competition for him 2 make him look good also.... sry to say booker t wid long hair looks gay.. compared to booker t crew cut wid that tape on his nose

nyways this is how the feuds should go and build up for the next ppv

For the World Heavy Weight Championship

Finlay vs Booker T vs Benoit vs Taker vs Kane vs MVP vs Mr Kennedy vs Matt Hardy

2 weeks matches

1 st week

Finlay vs Booker T

Winner Finaly - Has talent, needs the right initial push for a complete heel and not a shit cartoon wid a mini me

Benoit vs Matt Hardy - chavo interferes, matt hardy gets a go, to make him a complete baby face with the audiance to go ahead in the Cruiser Weight for next time

2nd week

Kane vs MVP - MVP wins with help of Mr Kennedy

Taker vs Mr Kennedy - Mr Kennedy wins with help of MVP

This is to people support the brother of dest to work well together again in the future

3rd week

Finlay vs Mr Kennedy - Mr Kennedy loses coz of the bros of dest, interference by Booker T also

Matt Hardy vs MVP - MVP wins, interfendce by Greg Helms , after cruiser weight fight during the 2nd week

4th week

Finlay vs MVP - Finlay wins,bros of dest interfer, Batista gives him a bomb just b4 the PPV


Finlay vs Batista - Finaly wins after DQ, hits with the belt to batista, Batista still keeps the title but bleeds

Tag Team

1st week

Bros of Dest vs MVP and Mr Kennedy

Tag Team Contender Match...winner faces brian and paul on PPV

Result - Nothing, interference by Brian and Paul, bros of dest clears the ring

2nd week

Brian and Paul vs Matt and choice on Brian and Paul

Choice - Greg

Brian and Paul win with Greg turning against Matt , kicks him, brian covers for win, scotty 2 hotty comes to help matt, and funaki to help greg... cruiser weight importance

3rd week

Brian and Paul vs Chris Benoit and Chavo Guerrero

Also announed for PPV Tag Team 3 way, bros of dest, brain and paul, mvp and mr kennedy

mvp and mr kennedy attack brian and paul , continued by int of bros of dest...

4th week

Paul vs Kennedy vs Kane

Partners near the ring side -

No Results - Head to a Turmoil

PPV 3 way tag team


1 st week

more later..

So Why Are we Losing Interest in WWE ?

Do u think in wwe coz the feuds are no longer for the gold (world championship or IC or US or Cruiser Weight)?

it makes it boring. rember how stonecold used to fite for the gold, and wen he used to carry it u cud c d importance of it. the importance of the intercontinerntal championship bw rock and triple h. they arent ny more fights for the gold anymore. no division or particular ppl fighting for the same thing. every1 is fiting every1. wwe is just trying all the experiments and will just go ahead with whichever the fans will cheer more(which are most of d old feuds, which were for gold itself). dass wats diff in tna, at the end of it ur seeing angle and joe going for the gold, that makes it more worth watching

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