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Monday, May 01, 2006

My First WWE Storyline May 02,2006

my story line: john cena loses championship , triple h turns baby faced. john cena disappears, grows a lil beard, wears a vest come back and attacks, both RVD and HHH in a money in the bank match,later there is triple threat match which CENA wins
, the soldier is back. later big show comes to fite him

edge wins IC champ frm RVD, edge,chris mast,carlito, that new samoan, ric flair, behind IC now

tag team : shelton and charlie hass, the spirit squad, goldust and tajiri, vicera and d new samoan umaga

also kane disappears from RAW

women: more bra panties match


WWE champ: booker t should b d new champion after he comes bakwid a hair cut and like d old booker t, defeat rey, later kurt angle, chris benoit,randy

US champ:matt hardy shud b d new US champ and lashley shud b behind him , later rey mysterio joins this category with JBL

great khali vs the undertaker, no holds barred, kane comes bak and interfes, KANE in SD, wid his mask and shirt lol, later kane and under vs khali and mark henry

Additional Details

May 1, 2006 at 7:31 am
for tag team in smackdown: MNM lsoe t to road warriori and tatanka, more people in tag team like rey and scotty 2 hotty, ken kennedy and hardore holly, boogey man and funaki

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