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Saturday, December 30, 2006

So Why Are we Losing Interest in WWE ?

Do u think in wwe coz the feuds are no longer for the gold (world championship or IC or US or Cruiser Weight)?

it makes it boring. rember how stonecold used to fite for the gold, and wen he used to carry it u cud c d importance of it. the importance of the intercontinerntal championship bw rock and triple h. they arent ny more fights for the gold anymore. no division or particular ppl fighting for the same thing. every1 is fiting every1. wwe is just trying all the experiments and will just go ahead with whichever the fans will cheer more(which are most of d old feuds, which were for gold itself). dass wats diff in tna, at the end of it ur seeing angle and joe going for the gold, that makes it more worth watching

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